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In the digital age, the world of video content is becoming increasingly complicated. 

Video content is now consumed on mobile phones, computer screens, tablets, television and cinema screens with YouTube on it’s own delivering over one billion hours of video per day!

How do you cut through the noise? 
How do you ensure that you’re reaching the RIGHT audience? 
How do you optimise your content for its destination platform?

With so many technical and creative aspects to think about, we think a production partner is the answer.

The difference between a traditional production company and a production partner is the ‘approach’:
A traditional production company is commissioned to produce a particular piece or pieces of video content requested by the client. Effectively, to execute the creative elements of an already planned route.

We, as a production partner, have a different approach. 

Right from the start, we will listen to the challenge and advise on the best way to approach that with video; strategy, creative and production aspects are all taken into account.

Only when the challenge has been identified, the strategy devised and the KPIs identified, do we start work on the creative treatment.

In this way, we like to think we are presenting the ‘best’ way to solve the problem and not executing a plan that is potentially flawed from the start.

Combine this thinking with the technical expertise and creative chutzpah to make amazing video content and we think this is the only way forward in this increasingly demanding digital age.

Let’s get started…

Fable Studios is your partner in the world of video content.

We’re here to help you unleash the incredible brand-building potential of video to meet your challenges, engage your audience and grow your business.

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