Corporate videos are important for both internal and external stakeholders, but we’re here to bust the myth that corporate videos are just pieces to cameras, or head and shoulders interviews!

Here are 5 different types of corporate videos and why you should be using them all to elevate your internal and external marketing efforts.

1. Case Study Videos

Case Studies are a staple of every business. However, with 64% of consumers making a purchase after watching branded social videos and 95% of viewers retaining brand messaging when they watch it in video form – why wouldn’t you want to lift your success stories from the page and put it into a video? In short, video is a great way to get information over to your potential clients and customers in a quick and simple format.

Here’s a video case study example from Indeed:

2. Animation Explainers

Short and engaging, animation explainers are a captivating way to communicate information about a product or service. By partnering with a video company, you can convey your message in a simple and concise way with memorable animated characters. With animation, there’s no limit on what you can have your characters carry out, which means you can focus fully on solving your viewers’ pain points. Animated assets are also a way to generate brand recognition and add to your company’s brand guidelines.

Here’s an example of an animated explainer we’ve done for Hargreaves Lansdown:

3. Recruitment

Videos in the recruitment process are not only a great way to boost your search results and reach more candidates, but also reflect the culture of your business to reach like-minded applicants. Recruitment videos should be a part of your employer branding strategy; it’s a compelling way to reach future employees.

Here’s a (fun!) example of a recruitment video from Let’s Get Digital:

4. Training

Using videos for training is a great way to save money and time. Putting the effort in at the beginning to create training resources will save time in the future. Forget long training sessions – videos can be sent out to an unlimited number of staff to watch and even re-watch in their own time. According to Forrester Research, employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than reading a document, and their information retention increases by 65% when presented with concepts through video format.

video learning

Image credit: Panopto

5. Corporate Events

With the last ‘unprecedented’ couple of years, we’ve all seen the dip in corporate events. However, if you have managed to put an event on, what better way to give your business positive exposure and social proof, than with a professionally filmed event video? The footage can be used to boost your brand, reach those who couldn’t make the event and be used for future social media content, company news and promo videos.

Here’s an example of a company event we filmed in Bristol’s Watershed:

If you’re interested in partnering with us to create a compelling corporate video, then drop us an email on today!

Author Bio:

Yas Haghighat is Fable’s in-house Creative Producer. As well as writing, producing and directing, Yas also strategically collaborates with clients on how to elevate their marketing campaigns with video content.

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