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Hot Tub

The Brief

Our clients are passionate about hot tubs and they love what they do. They believe that a hot tub is not just a luxury item but also has many health benefits, both mentaly and physically. When we first met the Happy Hot Tubs team, they already had the perfect creative in-mind.

Hot Tub

The creative 

They wanted to follow the journey of a woman who has clearly had a trying day, but she knows it will soon be over as her happy place, the inviting hot tub, is waiting for her just beyond the last burst of chaos. We were instantly excited about the creative and set to work developing the ideas and writing scripts.



Our client was able to supply the location with a hot tub so we were all set for the location. We began casting, sourcing props and recruiting crew. We commissioned a smoking chicken as our hero prop created by the very talented James Price. He by painting, fire-proofing and dressing real potatoes in a baking dish cut up tire elements he grated a realistic and hilarious burnt chicken. The smoke was created by lighting a smoke pellet which sat underneath the chicken. Ventilation holes were placed in strategic areas so that the smoke would wrap around the chicken. The effect was brilliant. 

The shoot

Once we had our cast, crew and props we all jumped in a van and rode down to Winchester for a fun day of shooting. We arrived at a beautifully minimalist house which after an hour of styling became a chaotic and messy family home. By adding children’s pictures to the walls, toys all over the floor, and clutter on every work surface, the space began to feel and look as crazy as we were hoping.

One of the key elements in the script refers to children drawing on the walls. Our client and home owner were both happy to do this, however, it took a while to get up the courage to hand over the pens to the two nieces of the homeowner. They did not disappoint and created the most amazing artistic mural.

Once the set was dressed we began shooting. Our lead actress had two looks, the first being the hagger look of a long tough day, the second a more glamorous look as she sips her orange juice in the hot tub. As it is easier to go from glamorous to messy, we shot in reverse. We started by asking our talented actress, Hannah to step into the hot tub and relax to film the end shot. 

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