As many of us at Fable grew up in Bristol, this project has been a real source of pride as we collaborated with the SS Great Britain to film our latest TV ad.

The SS Great Britain has an exciting and record breaking history. It was built in the dry dock where it now resides permanently and was the longest passenger ship in the world between 1845 – 1886. The ship sailed to Australia and New York transporting passengers and later cargo, including Gold. In February 1970, the ship was returned to the dock where it was built and since has become Bristol’s number one tourist attraction. 

We began production three weeks before the shoot which by any production standards is a very tight deadline! Casting the children was a priority because of licence clearance but we worked closely with our favorite child agent who managed to clear the children in time for the shoot. Our next priority was casting Mum and Grandad as well as hiring crew. Our location was already set and once kit was hired and our creative was in place we headed to set for a full day of filming. 

The concept behind the creative was to explore the ship through the eyes of the children who visit the attraction. Unlike most museums, the SS Great Britain is designed for children to interact with the ship. Children can scrub the deck, climb into the bunk beds and wash the dishes in the galley kitchen, so it was really important to capture this hands-on approach and explore the location through the child’s perspective. We had two amazing young actors, Max and Ruby who brought lots of energy and life to their characters.

We packed a lot into the shoot as we wanted to show off as much of the attraction as possible. We also had lots of fantastic volunteers who came along for the day in full costume to feature in the ad. These volunteers can often be seen at the attraction and are full of knowledge about the ship and its history. 

The day was full on and lots of fun. We felt very privileged to see the ship and museum as we were working and enjoyed spending the day with the wonderful team at the SS Great Britain. We are now starting post production and can’t wait to share the final ad. 

The ad will air from July 2021 for 6 weeks so be sure to look out for it on all Sky channels. 

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