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covid filming


With the vaccine efforts making good progress the end of the pandemic is in sight, but now is not the time to let our guard down and so we are still as vigilant as ever when filming any projects for our client. We wanted to share with you some of the systems we have in place when we are on shoot. 


Masks and/or face shields are to be worn at all time throughout the shoot by crew and when possible cast members. We make sure both gloves and masks are available throughout the shoot for anyone who requires them as well are remind everyone to wash their hands frequently. 

Small crew

We have dramatically reduced the size of the crew to reduce the risk of spreading infections. This of course does lead to some sacrifices. Where possible we are asking cast to do their own hair and make-up and the reduced crew size may lead to shoot times taking a little longer, especially on the set up and de-rig. 

Social distancing 

Social distancing is really important throughout the shoot so we have lots of  tips and tricks to help us achieve this. The reduced crew will give us more space to work and we also encourage each department to be responsible for their own equipment meaning less contamination between departments. We are providing disinfectant wipes when an extra pair of hands is necessary and make sure that all kit is cleaned regularly. 

We have some additional tricks to help with filming, when the cast cannot avoid being too close to each other, plexiglass can be used as an additional divider. We can also use special lenses and angles to make it look like the cast is closer together than they actually are. 


When possible we choose to film outside but as it is still February that is not always an option, so our other solution is to make sure all rooms are well ventilated with open windows and doors as much as possible. 


Catering is another key issue and unfortunately the current guidelines encourage no open or shared food on set so the current solution is to ask all cast and crew to bring their own and to ensure they label their water bottles and share nothing on set. 

Testing and Quarantine 

On smaller budget shoots testing is not always an option but on larger long running shoots, testing has been introduced as well as ‘bubbles’ with risk levels. The main cast for example are in the high risk category as they will be exposed to other cast members, potentially with reduced PPE. The set build team will be the lower risk group as they will be working on the set when few or no other members of the cast and crew are around. 

And of course we ask all of our cast and crew to not attend a shoot if they have any of symptoms currently listed on the NHS website. 

We are doing everything we can to keep our cast and crew safe during this difficult time but would like to assure our clients that we care continuing to work efficiently in order to produce high quality content. 

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