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Every Covid Ad

While researching a pitch recently we came across this amusing example of a new sub genre born out of the pandemic, known as ‘Every Covid-19 Commercial’. We were really inspired by this video and the point it so clearly highlights. The video was created by Microsoft Sam and has gone viral for highlighting the cliche nature of a Covid-19 Commercial. 

Making a commercial during a pandemic can be tricky. Most people think extra care should be taken to ensure no offence is given and that as a company, you are being considerate of the general feeling and distress the pandemic has caused. And while all of this is true, we think there is an alternative to emotive piano music and arty shots of empty streets. We all know it’s a tough time, more for some than others, but I think the video clearly highlights that the time for reflective sad brand films is already coming to an end. 

So what are the key elements of a Covid-19 Video?

  1. Music. 

Music is so important for any media content as it can instantly give the audience an indication of the genre, tone and emotion that the video is trying to convey. And as Microsoft Sam first addresses, the music in a classic Covid-19 video includes slow pianos and a somber tone. 

  1. How many years?

It seems the next step is to tell the audience how long the company has been providing the service to their customers to portray a feeling of stability. They have been here for (insert years), they must be doing ok. 

  1. People 

The next ingredient is people. By mentioning people it makes them relatable, as you know, we are all people. 

  1. Family

Family is also an important message to provide security vibes and again relate to the audience. 

  1. Uncertain times. 

Time is a way of acknowledging the pandemic without actually saying the word pandemic. It is also another way of connecting with the audience. The message is that we are all in this tough time together.

  1. Distance

Distance is another way of acknowledging the pandemic without saying the word. They are referring to the social distancing and the lack of socialising that we are used to. It is also something that the audience can directly relate to and that is affecting everyone. 


  1. Home

Home is another acknowledgement of the situation and the need for everyone to stay home. The word home is also quite an emotive word that inspires images of safety and comfort. 

  1. Here for you.

Here for you again reinforces the idea of security and continuity that is important for reassurance. 

  1. Together

Together is an important message of unity and the idea that by working together we can get through this. 

  1. End on a high

Finally, the music speeds up and we see inspiring and upbeat images inspiring hope. 

While these videos have a valuable purpose and they did fit the tone and feeling of the time perfectly, they quickly became a sub genre as many big brands used the same 10 steps to create very similar videos with the same message. By seeing lots of variations of the same message it seems to dilute the feeling and cause the audience to become desensitized. 

The feeling has moved on dramatically from this point with now a longing for normality and even a little fun being what is required. So for now, put away your piano, and let’s get creative again! (in a socially distanced and safe way, of course)

Let’s get started…

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