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Here at Fable Studios, we love animation. Whether it’s a simple motion graphic, more complex 2D animation or 3D animation, we love it all. So, we are always really excited when an animation job comes in. However, when it comes to the workflow, the process is a little different to your average live action content. The process can sometimes be longer and a little more complicated to change once animation begins. So below we wanted to share with you are animation workflow to help you understand the way we create animation here at Fable Studios


Before we start any project we start with the pre-production process. This involves meetings to discuss your aims for the video and the creative. We will also begin script writing and researching styles to present. We will often create style frames that you can choose from and develop to suit your project. 


The next step is storyboarding. Once we have a script and have settled on a style we will begin storyboarding. A storyboard is absolutely vital when creating animation as it will show you each key element of the video visually with the script matched up to the relevant frames. This will give you a clear understanding of what your final video will look like and it is important to make any changes or alterations at this point. Once your video has been animated, it can be really difficult to change your mind and may require costly re-animation days. So when possible make sure you are happy and confident with the storyboard. If not flag your concerns now. 


If the timeline and budget allows we will sometimes make an animatic. This is where we take the storyboard frames and set them to a temporary voice over and possibly music. This can help with timing for the animator and also give a better idea of the movement and flow of your final video. 


Now for the fun part, well it’s fun for us as we can start animating. Depending on the complexity of your project this can take between a few days to a few months. Usually the more detailed the design, the longer your animation will take. We will send you regular updates throughout the process and keep you informed as we progress. Once we are finished, we will send you a rough cut, which will be your animation without sound and with some finishing touches needed. 


Once you are happy with the animation we will record the voice over, add music and spot effects to really bring your animation to life. If we are creating characters with lipsync we will need to record the VO before animation begins, but we will discuss this with you in the pre-production phase. 

Completed Project 

And your project is now complete! We have added music, sound and all of the extras elements to make your final animation perfect. We will deliver your content in any format you require for any platform so you can sit back and enjoy your creation. 


If you are considering animated content or any other form of video or animation content, contact Fable Studios. Fable Studios is a Creative-led, boutique video and animation studio who create tailored brand stories that endure in your audience’s mind. We combine your objectives with audience insights and inspired ideas to create unforgettable productions that tell the unique story of your brand. Find out more about us at

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