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Like most things media related, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to video marketing, but there are plenty of statistics driven guidelines to work from, especially when it comes to video length. So let’s look at some of the key points when it comes to video length. 

What is your video’s intention? 

The first thing you need to do when deciding on the length of your video, is to consider the intention. What is your video for? Is it to shout about your latest offer? Build brand awareness to teach your customers how to use a product? This will have an impact on the length of your video but in general remember, less is more and most advertised based content should not be over 2 minutes long. The exception would be the tutorial based videos as these are information led and will often need to be longer to fit in all of the required information. 

Where will your video be viewed?

The next really important consideration is where your videos will be viewed. Platforms can have a dramatic impact on the desired length of a video. TV broadcast for example, has time slots available from 10 seconds up to two minutes, but bear in mind, the longer the time slot, the more expensive your slot will be. The most common is 30 seconds but sometimes it is combined with 10 seconds or 60 seconds. 

If however, you are planning on making a youtube video, your video should be around 10 minutes, or even longer. The youtube algorithm values the length of time that your audience will watch the video, so the longer the video, the better your performance and the higher up the SEO you will go. There is a catch however, as your content needs to be high quality and interesting to hold your audience’s attention. If not your audience may stop watching your video and cause your statistics to drop. 

If you are creating a Social media ad the shorter the video, the better. Keep in mind that some platforms allow you to skip the ads after 5 or 10 seconds. To avoid your key messaging being skipped, make sure you put your key points at the start of the video to catch an audience’s attention and get your message across. 

Trial and error

If you are still not sure how long to make your video, why not create multiple versions? You can re-edit or reversion your content with different messaging and lengths then compare their performance. Almost all platforms offer in depth statistical analysis of your content so make sure to use this valuable information to continuously improve your content. 

So when deciding on a video length the general rule is ‘less is more’. Attention spans have been shortening with the rise of the on demand and social media so in order to capture your audience, you should move fast and be bold. 

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