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‘Emotional storytelling’ allows your audience to make a deeper connection with the content they see on the screen regardless of the platform they are watching it on.

It is very easy to think of your brand as the centre of the universe – ‘me, me, me’ – when it might, in fact, be better to look at things from your audience’s perspective and really work to make them ‘care’ about your content.

‘Engagement’ is a keyword in video marketing as well as a measurable statistic and should be in every content plan; it will lead to measured and quantifiable results that are important for the purposes of monitoring the performance of your content budget.

… but the key thing to understanding ‘engagement’ and ‘emotional storytelling’ is asking yourself the question about how do you want your audience to ‘FEEL’. 

human emotion

It’s been documented that there are four basic emotions forming the majority of human’s genetic makeup:

• Happiness

• Sadness

• Fear/ Surprise

• Anger/ Disgust

These are very broad emotions and I cannot quantify enough how each of these emotions differ for every single person on the planet; but what you want to think about is ‘how’ do you allow for an audience member who consumes/ views/ digests your content to ‘feel’ any aspect of these elements. It’s the key to ‘messaging’ within your story/ video content and it would be important to consider these aspects as some of the base notes you could cover when engaging an audience with ‘emotional storytelling’

bristol crowd

So some key questions you have to ask yourself when starting out with ‘emotional storytelling’ are: 

• How do you ‘feel’? How do you want your audience to ‘feel’? 

• What are the emotions you want the audience to feel at any ‘key’ point in your storytelling?

• What is the message you would like the audience to take home? 

Simples… 😉 

If you’d like to know more about ‘emotional storytelling’ and ‘key messaging’ within your video content, please feel free to give us a call at Fable Studios, we’d be happy to help you develop your video content ideas. 

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