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Eco sustainable

Being more green is something that we are all striving for here at Fable Studios. It is something we are passionate about and so we have taken steps to make our studio and our shoots more sustainable. Here are some of the things we have been doing to become more sustainable. 


In the Studio:


With the rise of refillable shops, it is becoming easier to reuse the packaging and refill your essentials. We use refillable washing up liquid, hand soap and cleaning products. They are so easy to refill and mean no plastic waste. 

Reduce and recycle waste 

We try to recycle as much of our waste as possible including food waste which is all collected in biodegradable bin bags and recycling boxes ready to be recycled or composted. In an office environment you often get food waste such as coffee beans which is great food for your garden if you have green fingers! 

Reduce paper consumption 

In the digital age we are in, we have access to almost everything we need via a digital device, be it a phone, tablet or desktop. There really is no need to print most documents, so we don’t. We keep as much as possible in a digital format making copies easier and accessible, meaning less paper in the recycling bin! 

Shop comuneraly for our lunch

In our studio we have decided to shop comuneraly for lunch. We buy a selection of lunch items to make our own sandwiches, raps, and snacks which we all share between us. This results in less packaging as we are buying a few large bags of crisp to share instead of lots of little bags which would prejudice more plastic. The other bonus is that we can easily control the food waste by buying the amount we need each week and can adjust this to make sure we are not wasting food. 

Reusable water bottles

All of our staff have a reusable water bottle on their desk, this is not only reducing water bottles but is also a great reminder to keep hydrated throughout the work day. 

Toilet paper

It is not glamorous, but it is essential. We have switched to the more sustainable and eco friendly provider, Who gives a crap. The toilet paper is 100% recycled toilet paper and uses no plastic packaging meaning less rubbish going to landfill. Not only this, they donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets across the world. What’s not to love! 

On set:

Reusable water bottles and mugs 

On set we are asking all cast crew to bring their own refillable bottle and travel mug to reduce plastic waste. Water bottles are always a large part of the rubbish at the end of a shoot and we encourage our crew to move away from this and be more sustainable. We encourage this by adding a note to the call sheet and also including a reminder in all pre-shoot emails. The added bonus of this system is that everybody is responsible for their own bottle and with the COVID-19 Pandemic, we need to encourage everyone on set to keep their own items to themselves as much as possible to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. 

Carpool when possible 

Another way to be more eco friendly is to share a car share when traveling to and from the set. We are lucky enough to work with local crew’s often so we can all share cars to reduce carbon emissions and it also saves on car parking space which can sometimes be limited. 

Reduce paper consumption

Like in the studio, we are trying to reduce our paper consumption on set too. We always email call sheets, scripts, shot lists and other documents to cast and crew so it is a waste to print these again to be used on set. All cast and crew can see the documents on their phones, tablets or laptops and we have even started using apps such as shot put pro to help with scheduling. The app updates across multiple devices instantly so it is actually easier to adjust timings on the fly and keep everyone up to date. 

Power down when not filming

Lighting is probably the most energy consuming element of a shoot so we try to power down when we are not filming to reduce energy usage. 

Use LED lights and rechargeable batteries 

Speaking of lights, when possible we use LED lights which are more energy efficient than traditional light options. We also use rechargeable batteries across all departments. 

Use and buy local – catering

Finally, we always use local caterers to provide food locally. Some caterers such as ‘Kate’s Kitchen’ also offer eco friendly alternatives for cutlery and disposable plates. Some caterers even offer proper cutlery and plates which can be professionally washed and reused which is an even better option. 

Although we have started making changes to improve our sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint there is always more we can do. If you have any suggestions, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you. 

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