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marketing with animation

Technology is advancing at an amazing pace meaning animation is becoming more accessible and achievable regardless of budget.
When considering animation, most people name the top 3 styles of animation, 2D, 3D and stop motion. But within these categories there are many variations. 
If you are considering using animation in your branding, take a look at some of our favourite examples below:

2D Animation 
Classic 2D animation will always have a certain magic for those of us who loved cartoons as a child. And in the world of advertising, animation still has a firm position. TSB first used this 2d animation in their 2016 campaign and the style has continued through their content to today: 

Motion Graphics
Motion graphics is one of the most cost-effective forms of animation being efficient to produce. Motion graphics involves using 2D images or assets with kinetic text elements to create a simple yet effective advert. 

Take a look at our ad for Bristol funeral directors for some inspiration:

Stop Motion
When most people hear the word stop motion they think Aardman, Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the Sheep. Stop motion remains one of the most expensive forms of animation, due to character and set builds and the time consuming process of animating each character. A great example is the DFS ad created by Aardman:

But stop motion doesn’t always mean expensive clay puppets with lavish set builds. Take a look at this music video, Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lev. By using people and props they have created this beautiful dream like animation which only took 48 hours to shoot compared to the months it can take for a more traditional stop motion video:

Another great example is the Honda ‘paper commercial which uses a very clever reveal technique combined with sound effect to develop the story:

3D Animation
When I think of 3D animation, my mind wanders to Pixar, Disney and Dream works. This style instantly feels family friendly which is perhaps why McVities choose to dive into the world of 3D animation. Their campaign focuses on a crane driver who spends the whole day high up in his crane and misses out on the tea breaks with his friends. McVites revealed in an interview to Campaign, that they wanted this campaign to focus more on creating moments and how the small gesture of sharing a biscuit can create a warm feeling between people.

3D photo realistic
The technology used for creating realistic 3d animation has improved immensely in recent years. However, it is still the most expensive form of 3d animation due to the extensive skill set needed to create a realistic looking render. Berroca used this style in their 2017 ad that will, without a doubt make, you smile.

Bonus: The Hybrids
With advancing technology, animation is becoming faster and more affordable. And there seems to be a trend of combining the different styles. For example, 2D and 3D elements being composited with live action footage. Below is a great example of 3D photorealism composited with live action footage. The O2 ‘Follow the Rabbit’ campaign, features people giving into their curiosity and following the blue rabbits towards O2 Priority and it is hard not to be impressed but the realism of the rabbits.

Another example is the Halifax, where they have combined a classic cartoon character, Top Cat, with a live action commercial.

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