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New year, new Lockdown: How we are continuing to work in the UK’s third lockdown. 

From all of us at Fable studios, Happy New year! 

Both Christmas and new year has been a strange and low-key affair for everyone and so we are glad to be back at work, even if that means working remotely for some of us. In the studio, productions are progressing as normal with our covid policies now firmly embedded in our workflow. So if you are looking for media content, including live action video, we are ready to help. Here are some of the things we are doing to ensure the safety and reliability of our media content creation.

We are all hard at work

All of our staff are back to work, be it working in the office socially distanced or remotely from home. By working at full capacity we can ensure projects are delivered with the same high quality and speed as normal.

Zoom meetings are the new norm

Like for many of us out there, Zoom has become the new place to meet and we are always available for remote meetings about new projects, updating existing projects or anything else. We can still offer a wide variety of services from animation to live action and everything in between. 

Altered productions for live action shoots 

We already have systems in place for shooting live action such as using the appropriate PPE, reduced crew sizes and lots of other tips and tricks up our sleeves to ensure safety without reducing the quality of our work. Longer lenses, plexiglas and clever framing to name just a few. 

Animation and stock

Animation and stock are still the saving grace of content creation during the pandemic due to the flexible nature of its creation. Not only does it offer an almost limitless array of options but it also doesn’t require any social contact at all. All animation can be created remotely and passed seamlessly among our team regardless of where they are currently working. And stock reduces the need to film live action and can replace the need entirely in some cases. 

So even though we are once again staying at home to protect the NHS, we can still provide our clients with high quality service and content. 

If you are considering creating social media or any other form of video or animation content, contact Fable Studios. Fable Studios is a Creative-led, boutique video and animation studio who create tailored brand stories that endure in your audience’s mind. We combine your objectives with audience insights and inspired ideas to create unforgettable productions that tell the unique story of your brand. Find out more about us at

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