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With Covid still being a large part of our daily lives we have had to adapt the way we work and cost is still a large factor to consider when thinking about advertising. Understandably, businesses are reluctant to spend a lot at the moment but now is not the time to cut back on advertising, if anything it is a reason to advertise more to help ensure the longevity of your business. There are many ways to cut costs in the advertising process and one of our most cost effective ways is to reversion your media. 

So what is reversioning?

Reversioning is where we take existing footage and re-edit the ad to change the intentions. For example, you may want to cut your ad down to 30s. You might have a new sale that you want to shout about or you might want to re-order the ad as you think it will increase its performance. There are many reasons to reversion your ad and is something we would be happy to help with. 

How do we do it?

Every production company will have its own system but this is how we do it. We start with a meeting to discuss your project and what you would like to achieve with your new version. We will give you a cost and timeline to reversion your project. If your original footage was shot with us we have a robust archiving system where we hold all of the unedited assets and footage. We will retrieve your project from our archives and begin reverisoning the project to your specifications. 

What if your original film was created by someone else?

If your original assets were created by someone else we are still able to help but it may be a little more tricky. You will need to contact your previous provider and ask for the raw footage and any editing projects. Some companies are happy to provide this and some may charge a fee to cover the cost of de-archiving and transfer of assets. Once we have all of the assets we will do an inventory and back up your project on our system.

Once we have your projects up and running the process is similar to the post production process of any ad. We will re-edit the footage, do a sound mix and grade and ensure that your videos are delivered in the correct specifications for your chosen platform. We like to keep our clients involved as much as possible throughout the process to ensure they are getting exactly what they want. 

Cost and speed

The cost is an important element to all projects and reversioning can be an extremely cost efficient way of updating your media campaign without forking out for a whole new ad. Reusing the footage you already have reduces or even removes the need to pay for a new shoot which can be expensive depending on your requirements. And although we are still available for shooting at the moment, it will involve some Covid restrictions meaning you may have to compromise on some of your creative ideas to ensure social distancing and the safety of cast and crew. 

Another positive is that reversioning is a lot faster than shooting a whole new creative. Depending on your needs we can turn your project around in as little as one week. 


As we mentioned above, there are many reasons to reversion your assets and it doesn’t just stop at updating your TV ad. You could also re-edit your content for a different audience or platform. For example you may decide to run a social media campaign that requires different aspect ratios, shorter content or a change of messaging. We can mix existing footage with new footage, stock footage or even animation. A new voice over can also give your content a fresh new feel. So if you think your content could do with and update, get in touch! 

If you are considering repurposing your media, or creating animated or branded content, contact Fable Studios. Fable Studios is a Creative-led, boutique video and animation studio who create tailored brand stories that endure in your audience’s mind. We combine your objectives with audience insights and inspired ideas to create unforgettable productions that tell the unique story of your brand. Find out more about us at

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