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sky adsmart

There is no doubt about it, TV commercials still have a huge pull amongst audiences. But, for those advertisers who need to appeal to a more specific demographic, broadcast advertising can incur a lot of wasted spend.

Sky AdSmart has revolutionised the way advertisers can approach getting their message in front audiences by allowing every brand, no matter what size, to show their adverts during some of the biggest shows on TV.

 In addition, your TV Ad is targeted right down to the postcode and household as defined by your target demographic and an ‘impression’ is only counted if more than 75% of the TV commercial is watched.

Maximum effect, minimum wasted budget.

Fable Studios prides itself on being an official Sky Adsmart partner and blending hard-working, high-returning Direct Response Ads with beautifully crafted Brand Ads – providing the best of both worlds.

Having worked with many clients to produce their Sky Adsmart Ads, we thought we would put together a short video as an introduction to the process.

Let’s get started…

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