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The world of video content is becoming an increasingly complicated world, in the digital age. You have video content being consumed on mobile phones, computer screens, tablets, television screens, cinema screens; on YouTube, every single Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok. How do you cut through the noise? How do you ensure that you’re reaching the RIGHT audience? 

With so much to think about, traditional advertising agencies and the agency model has effectively had to become more streamlined with the need to be more stringent with budgets as every tom, dick and harry (or Thomasina, Ricarda and Harriet) are able to make video content, these days 

The importance of ‘creative partnership’ with video production companies is slowly becoming the norm, as there is a direct correlation between the need to ‘be creative’ and ‘execution’

The difference between a production company and a production partner is ‘the approach’. A production company may have an approach of being commissioned to produce a feature film, a slate of films or a television series/ continuing video content. Effectively, to execute the creativity from beginning of conception to end delivery, much with the removal of financial bods pulling the strings within the creativity. 

A production partner will have a different approach. They will be there right from the beginning. If you have a perfectly formed video content idea, and you’d like to preserve the message, the ‘integrity’ of the story you are trying to achieve – you need to find the way through with professional production partners that have the required skills and experience to be able to achieve the results you desire. 

As we integrate ourselves within the world of ever expanding social media, we need to understand broadcast television formats just as much as we understand vertical 9:16 formats for Instagram; because you might want to cross promote your content and enable further audience exposure and growth. The question is, how do you make the video content you produce work as hard as you need it to?   

A filmmaking production partner will ‘Be on your side’. They will want to ‘sit at the table’ with you and take the time to understand the idea you want to achieve and will get on a level with your brand, your ethos and understand the message you want to get across. They will deconstruct and re-build the idea and ensure that service is provided through every step of the process; and they should deliver the best piece of content you could have ever thought possible on any platform that you need. The understanding and creativity that can allow for people (not agencies) to ‘partner’ with production companies is paramount and it is a potential and alternative way forward in this increasingly demanding digital age

Fable Studios would love to have a discussion with you to see where we can help with your creative idea/ challenge; please feel free to look at our website for our current showreel. 

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