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Video in your Employer Branding Strategy

Every business has a brand. From the fonts you use on your printed literature, to the stock imagery on your website, all of these tiny details make your business, ‘your business’. 

Whilst marketing teams spend time creating and adhering to brand guidelines to build customer and client loyalty, what about the importance of your employer brand to your current and potential employees?

It’s 2022, and we’re reading reports that there are now more job vacancies than unemployed people in the UK, so employers looking to recruit are now doing so in a candidate-led market. How can your business stand out when every one of your competitors out there is looking to book the cream of the recruitment crop?

Here are three ways in which video can elevate your employer branding.

1. In your job listings
A survey by CareerBuilder has found that job listings with videos have a 34% greater application rate. Depending where in the funnel you place your video, it can be used to spread employer brand awareness to potential candidates, as well as helping to convert potential applicants to actual applicants. 


Image Credit: Another recruitment statistic from CareerBuilder

2. To promote your company culture

Company culture is extremely important to both potential employees and current employees’ loyalty. Videos are a great way to let people know how your company is run, for both internal and external stakeholders (your tone of voice doesn’t have to be the same for both!)

Here’s 3 examples of branded videos that tell you exactly what these companies’ cultures are like:

Hubspot Product Team

Starbucks Careers


Working at Dropbox

3. Sharing employee success stories on social media

Your employees work hard to sustain the success of your business – spend a little time and effort in showing your appreciation with some public cheering! These employee success videos aren’t as simple as sharing any old experience though, make sure that these stories point towards your business’ ethos and values. Doing so will support your employer brand and show the real-world ways that your business lives up to its missions.

Hubboo Employee Success Story

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Author Bio:

Yas Haghighat is Fable’s in-house Creative Producer. As well as writing, producing and directing, Yas also strategically collaborates with clients on how to elevate their marketing campaigns with video content.