So you want to make a ‘valuable’ YouTube video? … but what does ‘valuable’ even mean?

More views? More subs? More followers across multi- social media platforms? More comments on your video, allowing your ‘community’ to grow… ? 

Valuable’ can mean all manner of things but what’s important is to make sure you

FOCUS on the GOALS of that video.

Aims for Your Video

Here are a few questions you might want to consider EVEN BEFORE you have brainstormed the ideas you want to use to make that ‘fried piece of Gold’ video content.

– WHY are you making this specific YouTube Video?

– WHAT is your content about – do you understand the IDENTITY of your own content/ your brand/ what are you visually aiming to represent?

– WHO is the audience you’re attempting to speak to?

– Speaking of audience, do you already have/ or are a part of an established audience… HOW do you think you’ll continue to ‘grow’ that AUDIENCE base…? Which brings us back to the question…

– WHY do you want to make this video?

These are all key drivers in understanding the MESSAGE of the video you’d like to achieve and any video can take all types of format – whether it be a ‘Hero’ video, a ‘Hub video or a ‘Help’ Video.

Here’s a video of a popular YouTuber Zach Ramelan, based in Canada, that talks about the differentiation of ‘how’ you can make your video stand out from the crowd, and if you take into consideration some of his points; you’ll see that if you mix and match different styles; you can actually slightly ‘revolutionise’ the format and may even discover something more ‘unique’ about the story you wanted to tell. Let’s turn convention on its head.

Attention Grabbing Videos

It’s important to make sure that when you’re editing your video or at least thinking about the above points that you need to ensure that you make an Impact.

Who, what and why you’re making your video is mentioned above; but it’s vitally important that you make your video QUICK, CLEAR and COMPELLING.

With the variety of formats that anyone can consume at any one time it’s super important to ensure that you make your video VALUABLE by making them AS LONG AS THEY NEED TO BE, but also TRYING to make them as SHORT AS POSSIBLE.

If you want further help to make unique, interesting video content please feel free to drop us a line; we will partner with you to make your video content more ‘valuable’ and stand out from the crowd.Let’s get started…

Fable Studios is your partner in the world of video content.

We’re here to help you unleash the incredible brand-building potential of video to meet your challenges, engage your audience and grow your business.

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