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Every day, we’re immersed in the world of visual storytelling, a realm that’s brought to life by dynamic video content. From high-budget TV commercials showcasing luxurious cars zipping through European landscapes, to cryptic fragrance ads that leave everyone scratching their heads, video content stands tall in our media landscape.

Then there’s Fable Studios – giving voice to brands big and small with captivating corporate videos, animated explainers, promotional reels, and event highlights. Such videos form an essential cornerstone of a brand’s digital marketing strategy.

Moreover, the rise of authentic, low-budget videos on social platforms proves that impactful content doesn’t always come with a hefty price tag.

Regardless of budget or brand stature, all video content shares five pivotal benefits for businesses. Here’s a spotlight on those:


1. Skyrocketing Engagement with Video

With digital footprints everywhere, measuring engagement has never been easier. The stats speak for themselves:

• 87% of marketers report better website traffic with video.

• 96% of users turn to explainer videos to understand products.

• Recruitment videos lead to a 34% surge in job applications.

• Video content on LinkedIn is shared 20x more than other formats.

• A staggering 93% of brands acquired new customers due to social media videos.

• Emails with embedded videos witness a 65% increase in click-through rates.


2. Time: Your Most Precious Currency

In our fast-paced digital era, businesses need to quickly resonate with their audience. Whether you’re B2B or B2C, your potential customers are seeking clarity on how you can elevate their lives or solve their problems. Enter video content. A well-crafted video can instantly highlight the essence of your product or service, making communication swift and influential. Why force customers to scroll through paragraphs when a compelling video can convey the same message in half the time?

With such compelling numbers, it’s clear that video content is a potent tool for enhancing engagement across various platforms.


3. Making the Abstract Understandable

While filming tangible products like spa treatments or machinery is straightforward, what about abstract services or software solutions? This is where the magic of motion graphics and animations come into play. Such mediums can vividly illustrate complex concepts, ensuring viewers grasp the essence without feeling overwhelmed.


4. Showcasing Your Products in Motion

Let’s consider the example of a Printer Installation Guide. A written description might leave you puzzled, but a video showcasing its features, functionality, and benefits can clear the air in minutes. Add to that, installation guides, maintenance tips, and you have a suite of content that not only sells but educates. Fable Studios ensures that such content is crafted with precision and passion.


5. Broadening Horizons: Beyond Traditional Means

Gone are the days of bulky manuals and pamphlets. Today, QR codes with direct video links or digital brochures offer a more sustainable and effective means of communication. With video content marketing, you’re not only saving costs but also championing an eco-friendly approach.


In Conclusion

At Fable Studios, we believe that the world of video content marketing is an expanse every business should explore. With the evolution of technology, creating compelling videos isn’t reserved for mega-corporations anymore. From planning to execution, we work alongside businesses to maximize their investment and tell stories that resonate.

Video content not only boosts your site’s traffic and engagement but also acts as a bridge between businesses and their audience. In this digital age, that bridge is more important than ever. Let Fable Studios be the architect of your brand’s visual journey.


If you want to talk to us about your television advert, then email us on and we’ll be happy to take you through the process of how to elevate your marketing with video content.