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For many companies, video is recognised as a crucial communication tool, yet its significance in marketing strategies is often overlooked. Here’s a compilation of ten essential statistics that emphasise the undeniable value of integrating video into your business strategy.

Boosting Brand Engagement Through Video

• Video is a powerful medium to foster brand loyalty and broaden reach.

• A significant 9 out of 10 people wish to view more video content from brands.

• A whopping 93% of brands gained a new client due to a video shared on social media platforms.

• Emails mentioning “video” are opened 7% more frequently than those without, enhancing your communication strategy’s effectiveness.


Moreover, video posts experience the highest organic engagement on Facebook, offering both cost-effectiveness and genuine audience interaction.

Promoting Products with Video

• 96% of consumers turn to explainer videos to gather information about a product. In today’s economy, consumers diligently research products before purchase, making video a vital tool for businesses.

• A decisive 88% of buyers noted that an explainer video played a role in their purchasing choice. When comparing similar products, a video demonstration can significantly sway a customer’s decision.


Video’s Role in Software Marketing

• Video isn’t only for tangible goods. 79% of individuals claimed a video convinced them to buy an app or software. Demonstrating the functionalities and experience of a digital product through video builds trust among potential customers.


Enhancing Talent Attraction with Video

• Job listings with videos received 12% more views than those without, illustrating the power of video in standing out in the competitive recruitment landscape.

• Companies utilising video in recruitment saw a 34% surge in applications.

• On LinkedIn, video posts are shared 20 times more compared to other content types, expanding networking opportunities and enhancing credibility.


Key Points to Consider

• Video Duration: Videos up to 2 minutes retain the most engagement. Informative videos can be longer, but engagement drops significantly after the initial two minutes.

• Silent Videos: As mobile usage dominates, 92% of viewers watch videos without sound. Ensuring your message is conveyed even without audio, through captions or on-screen text, is crucial.


Concluding Thoughts

Video content offers immense potential for businesses across various sectors. With our expertise in video production and strategy, we can guide your business to harness the power of video for optimal results. Connect with us to elevate your video marketing endeavours and see a tangible ROI.