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Commissioning a video can be confusing. There are so many considerations such as style, cost, location and cast. There are so many choices that the whole process can become quite overwhelming. That’s why we are here, to help you through the process from start to finish. To make sure your project runs smoothly and is enjoyable. Below we have divided the process into steps to help explain the process and give you an insight into what is involved in video production. 


Step 1: The Brief


Before anything can happen we will ask for a brief. We want to know as much as we can about your project and the aims of your video. We will ask questions like ‘how long will your video be? Do you require music and a voiceover? Where will the video be seen and do you have a budget in mind?’

Before you are put off by all of these questions, you don’t need the answers straight away. We are happy to chat through each area with you to work out what you need. We can even suggest options or routes that you might not have considered. We are here to help so the more you tell us, the better we can tailor each video to suit your specific needs. 


Step 2: Concepts 


Once we have a detailed brief we will put together a deck with two or three creative routes. The deck will include information on the style, the approach, costs and some visual inspiration to help illustrate our proposal. The deck should be used as a jumping off point for further conversations to make sure you are getting exactly what you want from the video. You can mix and match ideas or pick the one you are most happy with. At this point we will also agree to the budget. 


Step 3: Scripting and Storyboarding 


The next step will be to script your video and create a storyboard. The Script will ensure your video features the right messaging and the storyboard will give you an idea of the visual elements of the video. Again we encourage your input to ensure we are creating the right content for your brand.

Step 4: Production 


Once you are happy with the concept and the script we can begin pre-production. This is where we really get to work. We will find and book a location, hold auditions to find the cast, buy props, hire crew and kit amongst many other things. You will have a say in all of the decisions being made and are welcome to join the casting, location scouting and other recce’s that may happen on the lead up to the shoot. 


Step 5: The Shoot


This is the fun part. Everything is in place and the crew are all assembled to make your video. All of the work in the pre-production process will ensure the shoot runs smoothly with our friendly and reliable crew. We want you to enjoy the day and encourage your opinion. We will have a monitor set up so you can watch the action live and make any changes or comments as we shoot. 


Step 6: Post production


After the excitement of the shoot the post production can often feel anti climatic as we will need a few days to go through the footage and edit your video into a rough cut. Once we are happy we will send over the first draft of your video. This will often be a rough guide with temporary music, unfinished sound and ungraded footage. Here we are focusing on the content to ensure the messaging is right. 


There can be several rounds of amends and changes to the video before we finalise the edit and get what we call ‘picture lock’. This means that the edit will not change from that point on. At this point we will record voice overs, add music, mix the final sound and grade the footage. This is the final stage of your video and at this point you will begin to see the final product emerge. 


Step 7: Delivery 


Finally your video is finished and ready for delivery. We can provide you with any specifications you need for online, events or even to broadcast. If you are creating a TV commercial we can send it directly to TV stations on your behalf and process your ad through Clear Cast, the regulatory body for broadcast advertising.



Although your video is complete there are still opportunities to make the most of your video content. Why not re-edit your video to highlight different products or even cut down the edit for use across social media platforms. The possibilities are endless and we are here to help you get the most out of your content.