It is fair to say that 2020 has been an unprecedented year and so predicting trends in 2021 is more of a challenge than ever before. Video was more important than ever before as we faced months of lockdown and separations from loved ones, so how has this affected video? And what does this mean for video in 2021? 

Remote video

This year remote video has become a part of everyday life and moving forward into 2021 we will see much of the same. Until we can say the pandemic over, social distancing will continue meaning remote working will still be a part of a lot of people’s daily lives. And some have suggested that even after the pandemic, working remotely will continue to be popular and regular for workers across multiple sectors and industries. 

Short form video

For years now we have noticed that the audience’s attention span has been shrinking with the optimal length being around a minute long for social media. Any video longer than this and the audience is 50 – 75% more likely to not finish watching the video. Social media platforms such as tick tok and instagram have conditioned users to expect entertainment and education in a short time frame and this will not change in 2021. Big brands such as Mac and Louis Vutton have run campaigns and behind the scenes to take advantage of this trend in 2020 and are predicted to continue with other brands doing the same. 

Social responsibility

Throughout 2020 worldwide protest brought to light the Black Live Matter movement as well as other issues including climate change. Brands such as Nike, Amazon and many others have been addressing these important issues in their marketing campaigns to contribute to the desire for change. We find it very exciting that brands are standing behind such important causes and think it is set to continue into 2021. 

High volume of content

As the demand for video increases we will see an increase in the volume of video production. Brands are required to be socially present across all of the major social media platforms which means they will need to produce more content and be a little more creative with producing the volume of media needed to fill the ever increasing need. So it may be worth thinking outside the box and trying to create some interesting content without breaking the bank. 

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