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Lockdown has been challenging for us all, however we are now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with production getting back up and running. We have been lucky enough to work with three fantastic clients over the past few weeks with a challenging deadline for the ‘Adsmart 250’. All three ads created were very different and so really interesting and fun to work on. 

Our first commercial was a 2D animation for Optimum Energy. They came to us with a reference video of another ad that they really liked. We agreed the style was lovely but on the timescale and budget available a 3D animation would have been unachievable. So we presented some other designs and settled on a beautiful textured 2D style that reflected the eco friendly nature of their products. Our client was really pleased with the finished ad and we were too. 

Our second ad was Rooster Money. This ad is a mix of existing testimonial footage and 3D rendered phones with screen comps to show off the app element of their product. We worked closely with the client on this project, using their strong brand colours and origami iconography to create a bright and focused ad. The clients were really pleased with the final ad and we look forward to working with them again in the future. 

Our final ad was Home Leisure Direct. This ad was really fun to create but came with it’s own unique set of challenges as this would be the first live action shoot we would organised since the COVID-19 outbreak. So we began by researching best practice for pandemic filming and set about putting procedures in place to protect ourselves, the crew, clients and cast. The British Film Institute offers some great advice on the subject which we will link here. 

There were lots of changes we made to the shooting environment to help tackle this challenge. The first was to reduce the size of the crew as much as possible to make social distancing easier. On shoot it can be really tricky to keep apart so we also wore masks throughout the shoot and made sure hand sanitiser was used frequently. Lunch was another tricky element. It is recommended that food should be sealed and not shared comuneraly so on this very rare occasion we asked all cast and crew to bring their own lunches and we sat outside and enjoyed some sunshine. Luckily the shoot went off without a hitch and it was really fun to get back into the filming environment.

We feel very grateful to have worked with such lovely clients across a diverse range of adverts and we are really proud of the results. 

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