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When looking into broadcast advertising you may hear the phrase AdSmart and although it is not a new service, it is a great option for your first time to broadcast. So what is Adsmart and how is it different to traditional broadcasting? 

AdSmart does not use time slots and scheduling, instead it utilizes the wealth of information collected by sky customers to target audiences by region or even postcode. It works in a similar way to advertising through social media and can be much more effective than the traditional time slots. 

Sounds good so far? Great. Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits. 

Target audience to maximise efficiency 

As we have touched upon above the audience targeting potential means that none of your advertising will go to waste. Your ad will only be seen when your chosen audience is watching. And as an added bonus you will only be charged if your audience watches over 75% of your ad. This means you won’t be wasting any of your marketing budget. 

Another really useful feature of the locational targeting options. If your business only provides a service in one city it is a waste of money to advertise at the other end of the country. Adsmart allows you to target your location by regional, local authorities or even down to the postcode. Meaning only your potential customers will see your ad increasing the efficiency of your ad and making sure your money is spent wisely. 

Growing your business, brand awareness and increase sales

Advertising is a tried and tested way to grow your business and brand awareness. With the average household in the UK watching over three hours of TV, it offers the most exposure. It is also the most trusted platform with 42% of UK audiences said they trust tv advertising compared to only 6% for youtube ads and 5% for general social media ads. (Think box)

AdSmart has a track record of increased sales and brand awareness from their customers that have used adsmart within the last year. You can find case studies here with customer testimonies and growth statistics. With AdSmart it is really easy to see how well your ad is performing and the impact it is having on your sales.  

Cost effective

This is the big one, traditional broadcasting can be extremely expensive with the most popular timeslots requiring a media spend budget of £100,000 and up. Adsmart can cost as little as £3,000 which is an astonishing difference. Admittedly, you won’t be broadcasting nationally at peak times, but you will be sending your ad to potential customers only with the assurance that if less than 75% of your ad is viewed, you will not be charged. Obviously this is the starting price and you can choose to spend more which may benefit your campaign greatly. Another bonus is that you can scale your media spend up and down to suit your business requirements. 

The cons 

As with anything there are some cons with AdSmart, however we would argue that the drawbacks are few. The first is that your ad will only be seen by sky customers as AdSmart utilises the sky boxes of its customers in order to deliver the ad and target your audience. This will reduce your audience reach, however, the targeting options will more than compensate for this by showing your ad only to relevant audiences. 

The other drawback is that the cost does not include the creation of your ad, which in our opinion is the fun bit! That’s where Fable comes in. We are a production company with a wealth of experience in advert creation from concept to delivery. We also have a close working relationship with AdSmart which allows the process to run smoothly. We have lost the experience of creating ads with a tight turn around for both national traditional broadcast and AdSmart so get in touch to start your advertising journey today! 

Fable / Sky Adsmart from Fable Studios on Vimeo.

If you are considering dipping your toes into AdSmart advertising, contact Fable Studios. Fable Studios is a Creative-led, boutique video and animation studio who create tailored brand stories that endure in your audience’s mind. We combine your objectives with audience insights and inspired ideas to create unforgettable productions that tell the unique story of your brand. Find out more about us at

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