When commissioning a video it can be a little bit daunting. There are so many things to consider such as location, casting, scripting and it’s easy to get swept up in a vision of glitz and glamour or become overwhelmed with possibility. That’s why the brief is so important. The brief will set out the key elements that your ad or video requirements and give as a goal to work towards. We want to make sure you get the video you have always wanted, but that also works for you and your business, and in order to do this effectively, we need an accurate and detailed brief. 

Below we have our list of ‘top things to consider when writing a brief’ that will help you explain what you want and need, and make sure we understand and can deliver. 

Where will the video be used?

It is really important to let the video production company know where your audience will see your video. Will it be on TV? In a cinema? On social media? Your video will need to be made in a way that is suitable to each platform. If your video will air on TV we need to think about legal placement and legibility, are there any extra sound elements we can add to catch the audience’s attention? If it is online we will have much more flexibility regarding graphics and sound as we don’t have to comply with the TV regulations and this may affect the creative. 

What is the purpose of your video?

To educate your audience? Are you selling a product? Creating brand awareness? Asking for donations? The purpose of your video will have a huge impact on the style, messaging and overall final video. The purpose may also affect where you want your video to be found. For example, if you want to use video to enhance brand recognition, broadcast advertising may be the best place to use your ad, compared to a ‘how to’ video which would be more suited to your website. 

What genre are you looking for? 

Are you looking for photorealistic animation, nostalgic stop motion or slick live action? You may not know what would suit your project at the start, or it may change after talking to your production company. If you have a preference, it is important to include that in your brief so we can design creatives to suit your expectations. 

Do you have a script?

You may have a clear creative vision when you first approach a production company, but you also might not and both approaches are fine. A production company can help adapt, or even write a script for you, with rounds of amends until you are happy with the final script before shooting. Even if you have a script you are happy with, it is worth discussing it with your production company especially if the video will be broadcast on TV. Your video will need to be approved by the regulation body Clearcast before being allowed on air meaning you need to be careful about claims made and also the wording of some claims. 

Do you have any style references?

When creating a brief it can be really helpful to include any other videos you like that you think would work for your video. This gives us a good jumping off point to create a style and tone that you are looking for. 


Budget. One of the most important elements of a brief. If we know from the beginning that you have a tight budget we can present the best possible creatives for your budget instead of suggesting unrealistic creatives that will lead to disappointment. We will also be able to suggest alternatives that may reduce the price and provide you with better value for money. For example, if you are looking for a live action commercial but have a very small budget, a motion graphic animation may be a cheaper route but still providing an effective ad.

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