Corporate Video Production Bristol

Video is one of the most effective ways to engage your audience. 

Fable Studios was built with the sole aim to help you unleash the power of video and create more engaging, focused and effective digital content.

Corporate video covers a wide gamut of content. As video specialists, we have found these to be some of the most effective:

corporate video bristol
listen and learn

How To Video: The perfect way to engage your audience by providing knowledge and guidance, establishing your expertise to current and potential stakeholders.

Internal Comms Videos: Communication is the key in any organization. Internal communications films can quickly, efficiently and entertainingly engage stakeholders and communicate key messaging.

Recruitment Video: When you need to grow your team a recruitment film can put you one step ahead of the competition – the perfect solution for finding top talent.

Testimonial Video: People respond to people. When you need advocacy for a product or service, nothing is more engaging than a satisfied customer.

Conference & Event Filming: Fable Studios can facilitate any live event or conference filming and capture that unique energy. Whether it’s multiple films covering a large conference or a live-stream straight to digital platform to engage directly with your audience, no scale of production is too small or too big.

Product Launch Films: There is no better way to tell your audience about your new product than a polished launch film. We specialise in creating product launch videos that stand out from the competition.

Corporate Video Production Company Bristol


As a video production company using this rock-solid framework, Fable Studios has created hundreds of engaging internal comms videos, brand-building recruitment films, touching testimonial videos and exciting product launch films.

Corporate video production is all about building a bridge between a brand and its customers; letting them in on what’s going on and what else to expect in the future. However the video can be whatever the client requires it to be. Here at Fable, we’ve had a lot of experience with how-to videos, internal communication videos, event and conference filming, product launch and more. Whatever the client’s needs, we’ve always worked in collaboration to deliver the desired results.

The results speak for themselves, with web retention and engagement going up, corporate video production has a place in any business’s marketing and promotional strategy. Whatever the size of the company, there is always value and possibility to include some video content, especially on your website and also social media channels if available. At Fable, we endeavour to create affordable video content for our clients so if you have any questions or ideas, please do get in touch with us.