Motion Graphics Services

Motion graphic videos are perfect for when you need to communicate complex processes or large amounts of information to your audience.

‘Dry’ and indigestible content becomes engaging and memorable when displayed through motion graphics animations and kinetic text.

Fable Studios provides a complete pipeline from concept to delivery following a tried-and-true production framework.

listen and learn

Listen and Learn – As well as ensuring we understand your brand, audience and goals, we deep-dive into the content needing to be communicated, establishing our own understanding.

Set Objectives: We collaborate to establish objectives and KPI’s used to measure the success of the content we create.

Creative: We combine our new ‘expertise’, audience knowledge and defined objectives to present you with creative routes and initial design ideas that engage and achieve.

Pre – production: Following your approval of concept designs, we work hand-in-hand with you as we finalise storyboards and script.

Motion Graphics Production: Our in-house artists bring the storyboard to life in a creative combination of colour, shape, typography and movement. Feedback windows are rigorously scheduled to ensure your input throughout the process.

post production

Post Production: Music and sound effects are added and your video content outputs are delivered; all optimized for specific platforms.


Activate & Engage: We advise and collaborate to get your animated video in front of your audience. Where required we enlist our experience in video marketing strategy, A/B testing and Youtube channel management and growth to optimize impact.

Evaluate: When the creative dust settles, we revisit your objectives, ensuring they are met and making any adjustments to increase success.

Simplifying complex ideas and distilling the essence of your communication while keeping the necessary detail is what motion graphics videos do brilliantly. And something Fable Video Production Agency has been doing for many years!