YouTube Channel Management and Optimisation Services

Social media has become the main channel through which businesses engage with their audience.

To meet the ever-increasing demand for unique, shareable video, we not only advise and produce but also manage your YouTube and social media channels to ensure further engagement with your audience.

We can implement, assist and manage channel growth and expansion, devise YouTube format strategies, track and define your metadata and optimize titles, tagging and thumbnails all targeted at increasing your subscriber base.

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Audience: Analyse and understand your current audience, mapping out who and where they are.

Channel Growth and Management: Maintaining your current audience with consistent, quality content, we develop fresh ideas and formats to engage new viewers and convert them to brand advocates.

Titles, Tagging and Thumbnails: Ensuring your content is accurately referenced to optimize SEO and audience take-up.

Influencer Marketing: Creating partnerships with YouTube and Social Media influencers to produce branded content that celebrates your brand and connects with your shared audience.

Cross-Promotion of Content: Optimising content for specific channels to increase impact and engagement. Driving interactions between channels to create a ‘viewing experience’ for your audience.

Combining these processes with it’s experience as a video production company,  Fable Studios analyses, streamlines and develops your YouTube and Social Media channels to engage, entertain and grow your audience.