Pharma animation, Internal Comms Video, Explainer film

The Challenge / Brief

Pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca commissioned us to produce a key piece of video to represent them at the ERS Expo. Sitting on the non-promotional side of the booth, there were stringent compliance requirements to which the video would have to adhere whilst still being engaging, entertaining and of the highest production value.

The necessary compliance required a crystal clear production process focusing on communication with stakeholders to ensure alignment in style and content.

The creative brief required a glimpse into the future, showing how technological solutions will aid disease management.

motion graphics

The Execution

Utilizing our in-house 3D animation resources, we created a design concept that would clearly educate the viewer about the future of disease management whilst being an entertaining and engaging viewing experience.

Conscious of compliance restrictions on product presentation, we instead focussed on incorporating the AstraZeneca branding within the design framework and presented a series of potential creative routes to achieve the desired viewer-response and communicate the key messaging.

Once a route had been chosen, we ensured AstraZeneca had complete over-sight of the process by providing scripts, storyboards, animation tests and regular updates throughout the production. 

Our experience producing content for the pharmaceutical sector ensured feedback from all stakeholders was incorporated with ease and the compliance process was navigated without issue.

We optimised the technical and creative parameters of the video for presentation in the planned environment, ensuring that it presented AstraZeneca’s brand in the best light.