2D Animation, Character animation, Toon Boom

The Challenge / Brief

Boken the dog is an animated children’s character whose adventures are represented across a range of media.

Having already partnered with Boken’s creators, Greystone Productions, to create short animations we were delighted to be asked to produce a longer film to accompany Boken’s first theme song.

Aimed squarely at getting children to be more active and inclusive, the up-beat song traces Boken’s adventures from his home in Spain, through his camping holiday in France to the centre of London and all the fun he has along the way.

The brief was to bring the song to life in the most fun and engaging way whilst ensuring continuity with the other media platforms.


The Execution

Creating a narrative inspired by the lyrics of the song and the illustrated books, Fable Studios generated a series of style frames and storyboards detailing the animation.

Once approved, we utilised specialist 2D animation software to bring Boken and his friends to life. Having existed only in still form up until this point, our animators closely referenced real-life dogs to ensure that Boken’s movements were accurate and believable.

Our composer worked with the provided temp-track and, after producing several potential musical styles, supervised the recording of the new vocal and instrumentation resulting in a catchy, up-beat and engaging song.

The entire process was closely over-seen by Greystone Productions through regular review sessions and a clear feedback process.


The Result

The resulting ‘Bokeneering’ animation was a great success bringing a smile to the face of all who hear it’s memorable tune and see the eye-catching visuals.

Fable Studios continues to partner with Greystone Productions on a wide variety of Boken projects, acting as consultant and producer to ensure the creative routes are always engaging, effective and fit for purpose.