Bristol City Council – #WEAREBRISTOL

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The Challenge / Brief

Bristol City Council has partnered regularly with Fable Studios to produce video content so we were delighted when they commissioned us to produce their flagship #WEAREBRISTOL campaign launch video.

Across the UK, political fractures have led to a rise in race related hate crime. Growing intolerance of perceived difference is particularly visible on social media. With further concerns around increased community tension following Brexit, the #WeAreBristol brief was to produce a film that represented our similarities and generated a strong sense of civic pride, encouraging citizens to reflect on what unites, not divides them.

bristol city council
bristol city council

The Execution

To capture every eventuality of this live event, we employed multiple cameras and, knowing that we would be conducting interviews in amongst the crowd, a sound recordist was added to the crew.

Starting with a clear brief for the film, we worked hand-in-hand with the Bristol City Council External Communications team to produce a robust creative approach and meticulously plan an ambitious shooting day at the Bottle Yard Studios.

The format of the video called for a group of sixty members of the public from a range of identifying groups (e.g. students, migrants) to respond to questions asked by Professor Bruce Hood. Depending on their answers, they would then step forward, demonstrating their similarities.

It was key to capture the public’s genuine reactions to the questions – humourous, thoughtful, insightful – to maximise the impact of the video. Fable Studios employed five cameras to record the event ‘as live’, ensuring that no moment of emotion was lost or authenticity compromised. The technicians communicated through discreet radios ensuring the Director and Bristol City Council team could gather the required shots whilst not interrupting the event.

Post-production was completed in-house with close collaboration from the Bristol City Council team and the large amount of quality material was honed down to a two minute film that takes the viewer on an insightful and touching  journey about our similarities as people. 

Fable Studios optimized the two minute film for presentation on Youtube as well as delivering several supporting social media trailers.

The Result

The film was the centrepiece of a six week social media campaign which targeted specific neighbourhoods and communities.  The campaign reached 575,000 people with the film achieving 307,000 views. This resulted in 39,000 link clicks and 13 million #WEAREBRISTOL hashtag views.

 On the ground, the success measurements were clear the film had achieved its brief:

• 0% increase in hate crime compared to the previous year.

• 3% increase in people feeling they belong in their neighbourhood.

• 3% increase in people from different backgrounds getting along.