TV Advert, Direct response Ad, Sky Adsmart Ad

The Challenge / Brief

Cosyfeet is a premium footwear brand specializing in stylish designs with increased comfort and accessibility.

Having produced their previous national TV advert, Fable Studios were delighted were to be asked by their Creative Director, Antony Hooper to deliver their next project – ‘Garden Path’

The creative approach called for filming in all four seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter – as our leading lady walks down her garden path to meet friends and family. The seasonal variation was a great way to best display the Cosyfeet product range, keep the visual interest and make the Ad relevant all year round.

The Execution

Fable Studios fully managed the script clearance process with Clearcast and rose to the production challenge by recreating a 35ft mature garden in a studio. This allowed complete control of the environment and the use of special effects to emulate the seasonal changes.

The extensive design element of the production called for the art team to install bedding and flowering plants that were adaptable for all seasons; their attention to detail was such that they hand-painted many of the flowers to display their changing colours. Fake snow was used for the winter scene and dried leaves ‘dressed in’ to add the autumn feel.

The rigorously planned shoot was executed smoothly and was hugely enjoyable for the client, cast and crew. Particular attention and time was taken to ensure that the products were displayed at their best. The shoot was captured in a behind the scenes video to be used on social media channels in advance of the main advert’s release.

Having been tightly storyboarded by Creative Director Antony Hooper, the Ad’s post-production was executed smoothly. An efficient edit was followed by sky replacement and other special effects being added by Fable Studios’ VFX team.

Complimentary music and voice-over were chosen and the final Ad cleared and delivered to station.

The Result

Utilizing our in-house 3D animation resources, we created a design concept that would clearly educate the viewer about the future of disease management whilst being an entertaining and engaging viewing experience.

Conscious of compliance restrictions on product presentation, we instead focussed on incorporating the AstraZeneca branding within the design framework and presented a series of potential creative routes to achieve the desired viewer-response and communicate the key messaging.

Once a route had been chosen, we ensured AstraZeneca had complete over-sight of the process by providing scripts, storyboards, animation tests and regular updates throughout the production. 

Our experience producing content for the pharmaceutical sector ensured feedback from all stakeholders was incorporated with ease and the compliance process was navigated without issue.

We optimised the technical and creative parameters of the video for presentation in the planned environment, ensuring that it presented AstraZeneca’s brand in the best light.