optimum energy

Optimum Energy Solutions

TV Advert, Sky Adsmart, SME100

The Challenge / Brief

Fable Studios were delighted to be asked to produce Optimum Energy Solutions debut TV advert for use during the Sky Adsmart SME100 initiative and beyond.

OES provide ground and air-source heat pumps that replace a traditional boiler with an eco-friendly alternative – good for the customer, great for the planet!

Two main challenges presented themselves with this project:

Firstly, the Sky initiative dictated a tight production schedule with only four weeks from awarding of the project to delivery of the finished Advert.

Secondly, the operation and benefits of ground and air-source heat pumps are not commonly known so the creative would need to include an ‘education’ element.

It was decided that the positive ‘green’ impact resulting from OES products would be the main thread of the messaging backed up by practical considerations such as Government incentives available for installation.

optimum energy
optimum energy
optimum energy

The Execution

Liaising closely with OES, it was decided that the Advert would be executed using animation and voice-over. This would allow us to focus on the creative rather than the logistics of planning a shoot within the tight time frame.

The Fable Studios team carefully executed both the scripting and creative development of the animation style ensuring that the imagery and tone-of-voice fully supported the intended ‘eco’ look and feel.

The project was shepherded efficiently through the Clearcast process avoiding any potential pitfalls and cleared for broadcast and delivered to Sky Adsmart well before the copy deadline.

The Result

This project was a great example of what can be achieved on a tight deadline if communication is clear and the intention is carefully planned. 

An effective, entertaining and hardworking advert that informs as well as engages audiences – and all for a positive impact!