Sky Adsmart, TV Advert, Brand Ad

The Challenge / Brief

RoosterMoney is a pocketmoney app and debit card that helps teach kids about money management. 

When they decided to trail Sky Adsmart as part of their marketing strategy, they needed a video production company that could navigate a financially-based creative through the Clearcast clearance process as well as combine 3D animation and motion graphics with video footage to create a polished TV Advert.

Fable studios has extensive experience with all aspects of production so was able to provide the creative solution whilst seamlessly managing the production side of the process.

Mandatories for the creative included product shots, testimonials from existing customers and details about the operation of the app and card.

rooster money
tv advert
rooster money

The Execution

Working closely with RoosterMoney, we crafted a script that not only introduced the concept of a ‘pocket money app’ to a new audience but also highlighted the key aspect of the product and was interspersed in a lighthearted way with testimonials from kids and parents.

Subject to a more stringent clearance process for adverts involving children and financial matters, we liaised closely with RoosterMoney to ensure all substantiation was accurate and sufficient to get the Ad approved within the shortest time possible.

The edit process was straightforward with multiple versions being sent to the Client comprising video footage and animatics to hone the final visuals. When RoosterMoney were happy, final renders of the animation were added to the edit and the entire Advert polished ready for broadcast.

A ‘voice’ for the advert was carefully selected to convey the correct tone – confident, casual and knowledgeable – and an upbeat music track chosen in support.

The Result

The final RoosterMoney TV Advert achieved a perfect balance between engagement and education. The testimonials from the existing customers provide social proof for the product whilst the 2D and 3D graphics give an engaging overview of the features. Finally, the onscreen URL and logo allow for instant action and ensure brand recognition.